Life Change Counselling
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Life Change Counselling is a confidential counselling service available to all regardless of gender, sexual orientation, ethnic or cultural background, to people of any faith or none.

Our counsellors believe in the unique value of each individual. Encouraging each client to explore their life issues in a safe and nurturing therapeutic relationship with integrity and confidentiality assured. Helping the client to apply the insights gained from the therapeutic process to everyday life and relationships.
Issues that counselling & therapy may help.

Self Esteem, Dealing with Childhood Issues, Depression, Confidence & Assertiveness Relationship Issues, Divorce & Separation, Anger Management, Miscarriage Counselling, Dealing with Stress & Anxiety, Bereavement & Loss Dealing with Sexual Abuse Issues, Changing Direction in your life Parenting Issues Shame Based Issues, Eating Disorders and Post Traumatic Stress.

Paul A. Diorio - Counsellor

About me and my therapy practice

I am a therapist with 20years experience trained in the Transactional Analysis model of psychotherapy.

I believe that therapy is a journey into the unknown. We will make this journey one small step at time. We will take each step together as fellow travellers in a safe and nurturing therapeutic relationship.

What is the ultimate goal of our journey ? It is greater Self-Awareness. That is having a clear perception of your personality, including strengths, weaknesses, thoughts, beliefs, motivation, and emotions. Self-Awareness allows you to understand other people, how they perceive you, your attitude and your responses to them in the moment.

Along the way I will encourage you to grow into that authentic person you long to be. That self-empowered person who will create a new future based on healthy choices which make for a happy life. I will help you to discover what is your passion and purpose in life. So what keeps you from taking that first step of self- discovery?

What I can help with?

Depression, Stress & Anxiety, Bereavement, Identity Issues , Relationship Issues, Low Self Esteem, Confidence & Assertiveness, Childhood Trauma, Sexual Abuse, PTSD, OCD, Shame Issues, Anger Management, Divorce & Separation, Spirituality.


Diploma Transactional Analysis Psychotherapy Clinical 2009; Advanced Transactional Analysis Psychotherapy 2007; Masters Theological Studies Pastoral Counselling, 2001; BA History , 1979. Registered Member MBACP, Member of ACC

How To Contact

Tel. 01282 617772

Mob: 07968 777803 

email: [email protected]

Our Address

Pendle Community Church
Trinity House
155 Scotland Road


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