Some Things We Do Together
Coffee & Cake, enjoying each others company in the presence of the Holy Spirit
Big Family Gatherings
Worshipping together

Our big family gathering takes place on Sunday mornings when we all meet together to sing, pray, share from the Bible, share our stories, take communion together and speak words of encouragement and hope to each other. Sometimes we even share a meal together.

Our main church meeting is held every Sunday ay 10.30am. Please come and enjoy!

Small Family Gatherings
Small Group

We believe that as well as our big family gatherings, it is healthy for us to meet in smaller groups to build deeper relationships and learn and grow together in faith and understanding of God and the Bible. Smaller groups meet on a regular basis for this purpose. Sometimes these take place in homes or other venues but always in a relaxed and informal atmosphere.


Discipleship Courses
Small Group

We believe in creating opportunities for everyone to grow and learn and ask questions and explore faith at their own pace in a relaxed atmosphere. To help with this we run courses with various themes to help people grow in their understanding of who God is, what it means to follow Jesus, who the Holy Spirit is and what He does and how to read and understand the Bible.

Please contact us for more information.